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  • There are two simple steps to loose leash walking:

    • When leash is tight, stop
    • When leash is loose, walk forward


    • Use a long leash, at least 10 to 30 feet. Do not use a retractable leash.
    • Attach the leash to your dog without making a fuss. The more excited your dog gets, the more likely he will be to pull on the leash.
    • Let the excess leash drag while you only hold on to your end.

    The Walk

    • When there is no tension on the leash, move forward into your intended direction.
    • When there is tension on the leash, stop.


    • Praise your dog anytime that he looks at you or comes toward you.
    • Keep your goal set to where you want to walk, not where your dog wants to go.


    • Fill your dog’s ears with lots words and sentences that mean nothing to him. The only words he should hear are words of praise when he looks at you or comes toward you.
    • Follow your dog to where he wants to go. If he has a favorite "watering spot" pass by it a few times and work on the simple two steps to leash walking.
    • When he offers a loose leash then let him go do his thing.

    Janine Allen Rescue Me Dog Trainer

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