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    This is just about the easiest, quickest way to potty train your pup!

    Puppies will make their best effort not to eliminate in a crate. They do not want to soil their comfy sleeping area and will rapidly learn where the appropriate spot to go is if they have an owner who can focus on the following steps:


    1. Take puppy outside frequently. Supervise puppy – praise and play when he eliminates

    2. Return puppy to crate if he does not eliminate. Try again in 20 minutes.

    3. Allow supervised indoor freedom only when puppy has recently eliminated.

    4. Never punish your puppy for going potty indoors. This was your mistake for improper prevention, not his.


    Be sure to have a routine feeding schedule so that bowel movements can be more predictable. Remove access to water an hour before bedtime.

    Always take puppy outside after:

    • He wakes up

    • After play

    • After training

    • After excitement of greeting new person or dog

    • After eating or drinking water


    Set your puppy up for success. The more frequently you take him to his designated potty spot the more likely you will have success.



    • Give special chew toys only in crate and nowhere else (bully sticks, etc.)
    • Toss tasty treats in back of crate and close door for just a short period of time
    • Place pup in crate only when he is very tired
    • Experiment on where crate should be placed. Pup might be more likely to settle down  in room with lots of activity or room with no activity at all


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