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  • 1. Crate. A sanctuary for your dog. Keeps your dog safe and your household belongings safe when your dog cannot be properly supervised. Dogs LOVE their crates when their owners have made being in the crate a fun and comfortable experience.

    2. Martingale collar or harness with front leash connection. Safe, escape-proof body wear. The martingale narrows down to a determined size, unlike a choke chain that has limitless constriction ability. Front leash-connect harness discourages pulling compared to a leash-connect on the dog’s back.

    3. 15+ foot long line. Gives the dog “training room.” Easier to teach Loose Leash Walking by rewarding desired behavior. Cotton webbing safest for handler and dog (retractable leash won’t work here).

    4. Kong toy. Versatile and safe toy even for aggressive chewers. Toss for retrieval games and excite your dog with its unpredictable bounce. Thread a long rope through it and drag along the ground for a game of “hunt.” Stuff with dog food, peanut butter or cheese to keep your dog busy while you leave him alone or in his crate.

    5. Tug toy. Sturdy rope or knotted fabric for dog and owner to engage in with each other. Play self-control training games where your dog learns to grab or not to grab on cue. Great energy release for active dogs.

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