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    Rescue Me Dog Success Stories


      Adopted by Andrea, CA

      Adopted by Patrick, WY

      Adopted by Kim, CA

    Adopted by Lynn, CO


    Adopted by Cathy & John, WY


    Adopted by Patricia, WY

    Adopted by Trystan and Jordynne


    Adopted by April, WY

    Adopted by Joanne, WY

    Adopted by Clarissa & George, WY

    Adopted by Christine, WY

    Adopted by Susan and Rusty, CA

    Adopted by Theresa, WY

    Adopted by Fallon, WY


    Adopted by Dan & Cheryl, WY


    Adopted by Cheri & George, WY


    Adopted by Ken & Vivian, WY


    Adopted by the White family, CO

    Adopted by Kathy, WY

    Adopted by Renae, WY

    Adopted by Clay & Valine, WY

    Adopted by Mike & Cindy, Manitoba


    Adopted by the Hoffman family, CA


    Adopted by Ed, WY

    Adopted by Harry, WY

    Adopted by Peg & Geoffrey, MT

    Adopted by Trevor, CO
    "LUCY LOU"

    Adopted by Karen, WY


    Adopted by Eugene, WY

    Adopted by Brenda & Mike, WY

    Adopted by Debby, WY


    Adopted by Michelle & Sierra, WY


    Adopted by Maryann & Gary, WY

    Adopted by Jessica, CO

    Adopted by Trisha, WY

    Adopted by Heather & John, CA

    Adopted by Joyce, WY

    Adopted by Wendy & Dan, WY


    Adopted by Mary & Steven, CO


    Adopted by Patrick & Coleen, WY


    Adopted by Vickie, WY


    Joann, WY


    Adopted by Chuck and Patty, WY

    Adopted by Emily, WY

    Adopted by Larry and Carol, WY

    Adopted by Billy, WY

    Adopted by Rachel, WY

    Adopted by Rick, WY

    Adopted by Mary & Steven, CO

    Adopted by Hannah & Kelly, CO


    Adopted by Marsha, WY



    Adopted by Chris & Jessica


    Story of Whisper

    A Neighbor’s Vision

    There is an old fashion wise tale that goes something like this; “you can’t pick your family members or neighbors.” But this dog adoption story makes the above statement not so true. Mary Ann Morrison had recently said farewell to Chester her beloved ten year old Jack Russell. A nearby neighbor noticed that the Morrison family was just not the same with Chester gone.

    After a little research, the neighbor located a shelter dog, who just happened be ten years old, a female Jack Russell. This Jack Russell was far from perfect. She had been in the shelter for months and also had cataracts.

    Our angel neighbor asked the Morrison’s if they would consider this shelter dog. The response was a resounding big yes. The Jack Russell had a new home and was named Whisper.

    The Morrison’s think dog love has twenty-twenty vision.

    Photo of Whisper and her owner

    Story of Dewey, Peabody and Muddie

    Reservoir Rendezvous

    It was a fabulous day in late September, 2007. The Rawlins, Wyoming Shelter had to destroy or relocate several dogs. Temperatures were dropping towards freezing and these dogs were housed outside. Rescue Me Dog founder, Cheryl Bressler, transported Dewey, Peabody and Mudpie to the reservoir at the

    Colorado/Wyoming border where she met her sister – who was transporting them on the final leg of their journey to the receiving shelter. At the reservoir, these three lucky transports had the romp of their lives before they headed on to their new homes.

    One dog had clearly not been in water before because it looked like he was trying to walk on ice! Days like this are worth a million dollars . . . perhaps more. Priceless. That’s it. To those of us who were fortunate to get to know them along the way: priceless!

    Dewey, Peabody and Mudpie have all have landed in great homes thanks to the Summit County Animal Shelter!

    Photos of Dewey, Peabody and Muddie


    Story of Ginger

    Rescue Me Dog’s First Ambassador Dog

    Ginger was Rescue Me Dog’s first press dog. The Saratoga Sun newspaper ran her photo with an article announcing the formation of Rescue Me Dog.

    This energetic Chocolate Labrador needed rehoming. Cheryl Bressler convinced her brother’s family in Minnesota to adopt this dog. They call Ginger their personal trainer, enjoying twice daily walks and jogs, no one could imagine life without her!

    Photo of Ginger

    Story of Lucky Joe

    Snow Bunny

    This is a great relocation story. A Bermuda Dunes, California family fostered Lucky Joe from a shelter for a year’s time, until he needed to be permanently placed in a forever home.

    Rescue Me Dog stepped in and found a lovely lady from Cheyenne, Wyoming who adopted him.

    He quickly acclimated himself from spending 75-degree (F) winters with his desert family to the sub-zero temperatures of “Cowboy Country.”

    Photo of Lucky Joe




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