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    To: WELCOME and guide you through the wonderful world of DOG SHELTERS.

    PROMOTE SHELTER adoption as your 1st option.

    PROVIDE educational & training resources for adoptive parents and their canine


    Rescue Me Dog Board Members
    Photo Cheryl O'Leary President of the Board Photo Paula Mack Rescue Me Dog Secretary / Treasurer

    Wyoming News 13 Segment hosted by Rachel April
    Letter from Founder
    Dear Friends,Hello, I am Cheryl Bressler. Welcome to the wonderful world of shelter dogs! Many years ago my husband and I decided we wanted a dog and attended a fundraiser featuring a purebred Labrador. I knew we would be bringing her home. We fell in love with Bear and over the next few years added more Labs to our family. When you are a “dog parent” you become aware of all things dog: cushions, biscuits and “Fido friendly” magazines. A mailing arrived from Best Friends Animal Shelter in Kanab, Utah.

    The voices of shelter dogs now beckoned me to visit. On a cross country trip with my Lab Bingo , we entered the gates of this amazing place with over seven hundred dogs in spacious dog runs. It was the ultimate dog camp. Bingo and I left with a mixed breed girl named Blue . At first, she was timid and fearful of men, but with time, patience and training tips from shelter workers, Blue was living the good life that her siblings had always known. The Labs and I had become the center of her life. Blue showered me with her gratitude through her devotion, a soulful look in her eyes that I was her hero.

    Our local shelters are populated with adoptable mixed breeds, purebreds, puppies and wise old dogs, from teacup size to extra large . . . wagging tails and proud faces, sometimes timid, all waiting for a person to look their way. Rescue Me Dog welcomes you to the wonderful world of dog shelters. Visitors and volunteers are needed to help walk the dogs awaiting adoption. Take a moment and go visit the dogs available for adoption right in your own community. Plan a family outing. Go with a friend. The cost of a visit is free. There is no obligation. You may just find a best friend and lifetime companion. Let’s make shelter adoption, the option!

    Many thanks, Cheryl Bressler, Founder Please click here to support and donate.

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