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    Do You Rescue Abandoned Dogs?
    No. We are not a shelter or sanctuary facility. Please visit our "Shelter Directory" for the nearest adoption or rescue facility in your area.



    Can you help me find a dog that is right for me?

    We do not offer personal matchmaking services, however, check out our comprehensive “Training Library” for how to choose your perfect pet partner “type!” and then go to our “Shelter Directory” to find the nearest dog adoption center in your area.

    Do you offer dog training services?
    Check our "Events" page for periodically scheduled classes and presentations where we present various training tips and techniques. We suggest you check with your local shelter, veterinarian and pet care professionals for training recommendations. Check out our “Training Library” for valuable information.

    Where do you promote shelter adoption
    As of Christmas 2007, Rescue Me Dog, achieved legal non-profit status and began to roll out its promotional campaign. Launching in our home territories of Palm Springs, California and Wyoming, we plan to expand our campaigns throughout the United States. (For more information please visit our "Our Mission" page.)

    What does my donation cover?
    You are advancing the awareness of adoptable shelter dogs. Your donation funds our marketing campaigns and multi-media productions, and the aiding and training of shelter staff, volunteers and dogs, to carry out these objectives.

    How can I volunteer to help?
    Please contact us. Thank you!

    Other Questions
    If you have further questions please contact us.


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