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  • Dear Santa

    Posted by Janine Allen at Thursday, December 17th, 2009.

    Dear Santa (from the dog)
    By Janine Allen CPDT

    Dear Santa,

    I know times are hard so I am not asking for anything this Christmas. Instead I am asking you to help someone else.

    Santa, would you please give my friend at the shelter a wonderful human just like mine? One who needs a cuddly, devoted companion? A human who will let him get on the sofa, laugh at his snoring and take him for rides in the car? A human just like mine who will be his best friend forever?

    If that’s asking too much could you at least give him a yard to run around in or a park to visit? I know he’d love that.

    Santa, could you give my friend at the shelter a soft bed to sleep on? The concrete looks so hard and I think of him every time I curl up on the fluffy cushion that my family has given me.

    And could you please, oh please, give him one of those red rubber things that repeatedly gets stuffed with cheese and dog treats? That thing is awesome!

    Oh Santa, just for Christmas, could you at least let him have a few more walks outside and maybe some play time with the other dogs? Could you please send some humans by his cage to tell him that he is worthy and that it isn’t his fault that he is in the shelter?
    The more I think of him the more I realize how blessed I am.

    Santa, if you can’t give him these things I will understand. But please, if his time is up, could you just give him a little love before he goes?

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    The Adopted Dog

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    Written by Janine Allen CPDT, Rescue Me Dog's professional dog trainer. Janine's passion is working with people and their dogs. She provides demonstrations for those who have adopted shelter dogs, lends email support to adopted dog owners that need information beyond our Training Support Pages, and aids shelter staff and volunteers in understanding dog behavior to increase their adoptability. Copyright 2018 Rescue Me Dog; www.rescuemedog.org

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    3 Responses to “Dear Santa”

    1. Tom Says:

      Thank you for writing this great letter.


    2. Leesa Cernansky Says:

      My spouse and i ran across submit searching in the search engines include this particular. I‘ll add to be able to faves, We read a great deal regarding the some other content as well. Thanks!

    3. Morgan Tafolla Says:

      that price much in order to blog?

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